Session Times


Beginners & Intermediates

Nevill Pavilion
Tunbridge Wells

9:30am(Arrive 9:20am)(Term Time only)


Beginners & Intermediates

Nevill Pavilion
Tunbridge Wells

7:30pm(All year round)

Tuesday & Thursday Club Sessions

Each session costs only £3.00 or £1.50 if you are a member of Tunbridge Wells Harriers. This is payable each time you come.

Please aim to get there 10 minutes early so we can start on time.

Each session comprises a short chat and announcements, then 5 minutes of warming up with dynamic stretches. We then walk for a few minutes to warm up and then run for approximately 30-45 minutes - depending on your level. When you get back, we take you through some stretches in small groups.

Running Routes

There are usually 3 routes each week and runners split into groups at the start. There are printed maps of the routes and they change each week. A coach or assistant will be at the back of each group.

1. A beginner route of 2-3 miles - can be done as jogging/walking or continuous as you progress
2. Intermediate route of 4 miles
3. Intermediate/Advanced route of 5 miles

Sarah usually 'sweeps' the back of the group and stays with the new runners.

You need to be able to run each route continuously before you move onto the next distance.

It is however very flexible and you can switch between routes and even drop back to a shorter route during the session if you wish - as all routes tend to be co-ordinated.

There is no set rule however, and if you're not feeling 100% or coming back after injury, then drop back to a shorter route. There is no pressure to progress each week.

Speed Work Sessions

Occasionally we have introductory 'speed/hill work' sessions either on the cricket pitch or up Warwick Park. These are for members who have been running for 6 months or so, are regularly running 2-3 times per week and are ready to take their training up a notch. These sessions are organised depending upon demand and the progression of the group at the time. Normal run sessions always take place as well.